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Charlotte SkyRiver is a Spirit and Card reader as well as a Reiki Master light worker.   SkyRiver has been doing readings for over 20 years after hearing from spirit since she was just 5 years old.  After staying under the radar since she is in the Bible belt in Memphis, Tennessee she decided to go semi-public in 2019 to offer services to more people openly after completing her Reiki Master classes and participating in more local metaphysical groups.

"During a reading I get a lil' glimpse of heavens beauty and I want to share that feeling of love and connection with others," SkyRiver says.

For any given reading I will only ask you for your name and phone number to make contact for your reading.  As soon as you book, I get a sense that something is coming so spirit comes quickly and I begin taking journal of everything that happens.  About 15 minutes before I call you, I light a candle and ask for all the company of heaven to assist me in your reading and messages for the highest good.  I clear out all negative energy and entities to their next level of highest good on all the items used before the reading.  I will also clear and intention my auric field using Palo Santo.  I will have a pen and paper for any messages I receive.  When I call you I will tell you what information I received and if any crossed over loved ones come through and I will give you their messages.  If the spirit of your loved ones can stay with me long enough I'll try to connect the two of you together.  Sometimes I fell so much like a phone operator trying to establish an energy connection, so to speak.

After I give you the spirit messages I also like to use the energy from cards, Tarot Angel, Oracle or Karma cards.

 I'm a positive person and won't tell you negative information that may impact your relationships. However, if you are experiencing negative energy from someone I may pick up on that and mention it to your just for confirmation. More and more often it does happen that as the readings continue the future will start to unfold. It's my belief we are here on this earth to learn lessons about emotions, energy and our own limitations.

After you make an appointment I will call you at the number you give at the time you choose. I live in Memphis Tn that is Central time zone. Please tell me the state you are located so I can be sure to call you at the correct time.

Blessings to you and yours with Love, Joy, Peace, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Blessings and Protection!

About Me


Reiki master "energy worker" life long medium.

We are all born psychic to different degrees. I also believe a religious experience is a paranormal experience too.

I first heard from my guardian angel at 5 years old. I was lucky and believe she saved my life that day. 

     Unfortunately sometimes negative energies or entities come through too. In 2012 I received a bite mark on the back of my right shoulder from an entity. I remember feeling a burning sensation. But it was my husband who saw it first. This entity had resided with us for over ten years wreaking havoc  showing herself to me and my now grown daughter. 

     Reiki is a form of energy healing. Fortunately I was able to obtain my Reiki Masters from Pu Lin Temple with a wonderful teacher Jen Ledbetter. I now have my own Reiki room in my house that serves as high vibration even for lost spirits to cross over to heaven. 

     Out of necessity I have learned to cross over energies and entities to their highest good.  I also incorporate Reiki life force energy into my clearings and blessings smudging ceremony.     

     Being a medium I have done several house clearings of negative energy and/or entities. That will be an added service sometime in September on this website. Blessings



 I'm not held responsible or financially accountable for any decisions you make after your reading. Remember this is only for entertainment and you are the only one in control of your life. Money given for services is nonrefundable.

Blessings to you and yours.


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